Complete Coaching & Follow-up

We listen to you to understand your project, your wishes and your expectations by requesting our services.

We note your actions already taken or in the process of being taken

We appreciate the state of your file

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the file; for the strengths we encourage.

We detect, if possible, errors, mistakes, shortcomings and potential elements that could block the file and make you lose the VISA.

We reflect and work on all the points affected

If possible, we give clear advice and guidance for the success of your project.

We fill in the DS260 for you by means of a camera in order to show the greatest transparency and care in our work.

Alternatively, we can assist you in filling out your form with a camera.

We make sure that the information provided is clear and understandable

We make sure that it is accurate, true and complete according to you

We make sure that you have the physical elements to justify, demonstrate and prove the information provided in the file.

We make sure you understand and are aware of the implications of certain answers.

We listen to you and study your case to understand it clearly

We work with you to make sure you have the documents required by the embassy

We help you gather the documents that are relevant to your specific case and that may carry weight in the interview

We help you gather documents to justify, demonstrate or prove a fact

We help you to collect the documents in a very reasonable time so that nothing is missed

We make sure that nothing is missing on the day of your interview

The interview is the decisive step to obtain the visa. Its preparation is delicate. So to prepare you,

We listen to you carefully to understand your situation

We study with you your file from the registration, the filling of the visa application form

We review your past visa applications

We check with you the files required for the interview

We prepare the appropriate questions for your specific case

We prepare you to deal with situations such as the different moods of the officer, the psychology of time, how to overcome stress, how to lighten the mood and take control

We prepare you to know how to behave and answer questions


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